Skin Care in Newton

Are you looking for a spa that offers treatments that are not only relaxing, but enormously beneficial for your skin?

For decades, residents of the Newton area have enjoyed the outstanding services of Sculpture Beauty & Spa. Our highly qualified therapists and skin health specialists are dedicated to helping clients develop and maintain a state of complete health and wellbeing.

Our modern, fully-equipped facility offers a warm and inviting environment where clients can relax and let go. With our incredible range of facial services and body treatments, we’ll have your skin looking and feeling better than ever!

We are pleased to provide a multitude of spa treatments at affordable rates.

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Skin Treatments and Facials in Newton

Our skin is our largest and most important organ. Having beautiful, healthy skin is a key component of self-confidence and wellbeing. However, many factors can take their toll on the health of our skin. Constant exposure to abrasive materials, cosmetic products, dryness, and breakouts are just some examples of problems that our skin encounters.

Sculpture Beauty & Spa believes the physical components of skin health are just as important as the relaxation experience. Our objective is to provide men and women with face and body treatments that relax as well as rejuvenate.

Our expertise on skin health is unmatched. Our professionals take a unique and personalized approach to each person. Through a thorough assessment of your skin type, our skin experts will carefully determine your skin type and evaluate any problem areas. Our treatments are designed to suit a variety of skin conditions, helping to heal and alleviate some of the most visible symptoms.

We look forward to putting our years of experience to work for you!

Full-Service Body Treatments

Our skin care also extends to our body treatments. Our treatments include body wrap, body detox scrubs, stretch mark treatments, cellulite treatments, and others. Depending on your goals, we can help you achieve weight loss, tighter and firmer skin, and greater confidence.

We also offer full-service massage therapies. You’ll emerge from your session feeling not only relaxed and refreshed, but with healthier and more youthful skin.

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Skin Care Treatments

Other spas may offer a range of relaxing treatments, but they may place lesser emphasis on the importance of skin therapy.

At Sculpture Beauty & Spa, the anatomical and medical aspects of healthy skin are just as important as the relaxation offerings. To improve the health of your skin, we offer many outstanding treatments.

We are proud to offer a wide range of facial services. Facial treatments include eye therapy, vitamin C facials, melasma treatment, chemical peels, micro-needling, acne treatments, microdermabrasion, and others. Not only will our facial treatments leave you relaxed and rejuvenated, they’ll leave you with visibly healthier skin and long-lasting results.

The Best Skin Care Specialists in Newton

Your therapist will help you decide the treatments that would be most beneficial to your skin health!

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