Skin Care in Watertown

At Sculpture Beauty & Spa, our goal is simple: to help you feel happy and beautiful in your skin.

To do that, we offer a wide range of skin care products and services. Some focus on facial treatments. Others on your body. But all of them work together to create restorative skin treatments that will reveal your true beauty.

Want to rediscover the strong, powerful, independent you? Make an appointment at Sculpture Beauty & Spa today for one of our many skin care treatments!


Skin Care for all Ages and All Body Types

We believe that everyone is beautiful. We believe that everyone deserves to love themselves. We believe that skin care is one way that we can help.

Sculpture Beauty & Spa is open to all ages, all genders, and all body types. Everyone who walks through our doors is treated with courtesy and respect. Everyone’s given the chance to discover the best version of themselves.

Rejuvenate Your Best Features with Facial Skin Treatments

Every facial treatment we do is specially prepared for your specific skin type. We do a close examination to determine exactly what you need to restore the balance and natural beauty of your skin.

The Signature Facial

Our signature facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a gold mask with collagen and vitamin C. The results are incredible. Your skin will regain elasticity and clarity.

Anti-Aging Facial

We also offer a collagen based anti-aging facial that’s designed to improve your skin’s youthful glow and elasticity.

Vitamin C Facial

Our vitamin C facial is perfect for treating minor lines, imperfections and age spots.

Eye Therapy

To treat lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging, we offer an advanced eye therapy treatment that’s perfect for improving skin tone and reducing flaccidity.

Micro-Needling Skin Treatments for Stretch Marks and More

Stretch marks are normal. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Common on both men and women, stretch marks are totally treatable. It just requires the proper technique and the skill of a trained practitioner.

At Sculpture Beauty & Spa we provide micro-needling and peeling to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. The choice of technique depends on the individual, so we always begin with an assessment. In some cases, we’ll perform a microdermabrasion, in others a strong peel. It all depends on the nature of your specific stretchmarks.

Micro needling is the best way to reduce stretchmarks. Working deep within the skin tissues, we help to restore and regenerate the collagen fibers that were damaged. The final result: your skin will look fresh, young and rejuvenated!

We Offer Even More Skin Care Treatments

We’ve only listed a few of the skin care products and services that we offer. Your best bet is to check out our website and take a look at our facilities. There’s a great video on our About Us page that will give you a sense of who we are and what we’re about.

And if you want to know more, just give us a call at (617) 916-0694—we’ll be happy to discuss all your options and find the skin treatment that will work best for you!