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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a particular modification of fat cells and collagen fibers. Cellulite is actually a result of an excessive accumulation of fat in the deeper layers of the skin. Cellulite reduces blood circulation and causes problems in cellular metabolism. It also affects the mobilization of water in some parts of the body. Cellulite is an aesthetically unpleasant condition that mainly affects women on all part of the body and on any age.

The skin is composed of three overlapping layers: the last layer hypoderm has adipose cells or adipocytes. There, they are divided into small spaces above the epidermis, the muscles and laterally by the fibers.

When fat stores become overloaded, these fiber-delimited spaces expand and provide an uneven appearance to the surface of the skin. leads to compression of local blood vessels. Subsequently, the waste or toxins are badly eliminated and water is retained in the body. It is the formation of cellulite.

- Some poor eating habits favor excess lipid reserve in the body. Very salty, fatty foods and poor in fiber, starch or sugar, are more exposed to the problems of cellulite.

The sedentary lifestyle increases the accumulation of fat and prevents the circulation of the venous and lymphatic flow. Obesity promotes the supplemental production of hormones.

- The smoking habit accentuates the blood circulation problems caused by cellulite leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body.


  • The protocol to elimination the Cellulite have to be a combination of specific treatments to elimination the Toxins, Reduce the Local Fat and to firm the Skin. It’s a complex process but with a right evaluation by a Beautician the results are impress and phenomenal.
  • Aesthetic treatment is done in repeated sessions until you get the desired aesthetic result. In conjunction with physical activities, food education is essential in the fight against cellulite. The lymphatic drainage massage is complementary to other methods for treatment, specific equipment adducted to appropriate products are extremely effective in the result.