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Flaccidity is a dysfunction that can be a consequence of muscle structure and tissue, where the skin and muscles fail to perform their basic functions and become loose.

After the pregnancy process the excess skin that appears after the birth has as origin the separation of the muscles of the abdominal wall and the rectum that separate to give room to the growth and development of the baby in the uterus. Other factors such as genetics, weight loss, age and especially the hormonal variations of the production of collagen and elastin are the main causes of sagging, especially in people with very clear skin that unlike black skin that has a firmer collagen fiber.

Woman loses an average of 1.5% of collagen a year after 30 years old. It means that at 75 or 80 years there is 75% less collagen in the body.

Aesthetic treatments with cosmetic bio stimulators and advanced equipment manufactured in the beauty industry, specifically to treat and stimulate the collagen fibers providing increased production of elastin fibers by rude ring meaningfully and minimizing the effects of skin flaccidity. With the right combination of treatments, the results are impressive.