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Our philosophy is simple, we have all our services and high quality products in the Beauty Industry from all over the world, we seek to offer the very best for you.
We are focused to seek the newest and most successful treatments for your better well-being. Our goal is to give a unique and special treatment of each person.
Special top techniques with 12 years of experience with Worldwide beauty to bring the patients to get a great result from our skills. Our name and brand identity was born of this conviction and we look forward to offer our expertise in revealing your most beautiful qualities.

Our goals are to find the beauty in all of our patients and seek the best for your unique appearance. The knowledge of the practice was brought and Certified from Portugal with 2 years of Studies and the field of Aesthetics. Also, 1 more year on intensive training on XTETIC ACADEMY for Therapeutic Strategies in Medical Aesthetics in LA. California USA.



My name is Maria Suaves and I am the owner of Sculpture Beauty Spa. I’m originally from Portugal where l was educated and part of the beauty world for more than 15 years, I specialize in Body Treatments and Skin Care.

Why did you choose this career?

I decided to choose the career of beauty and skin care because when l was a child, my mother had a lot of back problems. We were raised in a farm so it was very hard to get help and care for my mother. The want and will to take care of my mother made me curious and interested to learn about Body Massage. However, after attending school and educating myself in this industry, I learnt and realized I could do so much more. This want turned into passion for an industry that I really love.

What do you like about your job?

The best part about my job is watching people transform their bodies. I am apart of their transformation and I can see the happiness and beauty that I place in their hearts. With my hands, I help people fall in love with themselves and find the confidence they once lost.

Why is this so important to you?

It is important for me to give people their confidence and belief that they are beautiful. This is personal to me as not long ago, I myself, did not feel confident. This feeling can hurt and impact your social, emotional, and psychological daily routine.

What’s the difference between your treatment and those of other spas?

The difference between Sculpture Beauty Spa and others is that we use a combination of three things to achieve a client’s body goals.
To achieve your goals we need a combination of food, workout and mental nutrition. The body needs to be able to achieve its purity from the inside out. Once we can clean your mind, and reset your metabolism and patterns, only then we can achieve the goals that we have set for the client’s body. We want you to look beautiful and healthy always, not just for the time being.


Spa Feedback

Mia Buda

"I cannot speak highly enough about my experience at Sculpture Med Spa! I lost several inches off my waist and my overall tone and body composition has dramatically improved. The customized treatment was exactly what my body needed and responded to with quick results. Mary is an extremely knowledgeable aesthetician in both face and body. She truly cares about her work and wants everyone to succeed and have the best results. Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!"

Danielle Coutinho

"It’s an amazing place! I have been there enough times to say confidently that you will have no regrets after any procedure that you may get at this spa.
It’s a very calm place, always smelling like peace, with a relaxing sound on, temperature just as right... wonderful...
Mary is such a great person, confident about what she says/does, always attentive to what you want and need, very kind and helpful. She makes you have the best experience ever with relaxing massages or treatments. I have had massages and a couple treatments, and I just loved it, got results after the first session.
This is the right place. I would highly recommend! I have found my happy place! "

Tiffany Campbell

"I booked a body scrub and massage while visiting Boston for work. I booked it based on other reviews and price point.
I’ve had a lot of massages in my life and my massage here was better than my massage at the Four Seasons.
My therapist, Mary, made everything super relaxing. The room was quiet, music was relaxing, and the quality was amazing. Mary made it so relaxing that I fell asleep!
Highly recommend coming here and ask for Mary!"

Kate Mustle

"We have visited Sculpture Med Spa on numerous occasions, most recently during our week stay at Boston. The facility is beautiful, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, and the staff are amazing. The cupping therapy sessions are excellent and can be done before a massage or as a stand-alone treatment. The massage treatments are very high quality, and done by staff who make every effort to make it a memorable experience, The overall experience at Sculpture Med Spa is outstanding and always a highlight of our trips to Boston."

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